Funeral services have been set for Nov. 25 for Joseph Gatto, the 78-year-old father of Glendale-area Assemblyman Mike Gatto who was found shot to death in his Silver Lake home last week. The Coalition for a Better Glendale expresses its sympathies to the Assemblyman and his family.

So, Are We Going to Change Things…or Not?

Slate says the Navy Yard mass shooting “won’t change anything.” The Washington Post writes an obituary for gun control. Coalition for a Better Glendale founding member Deborah Dentler tweets a new call to action.

ScreenHunter_75 Sep. 18 21.44Stay tuned.

“Surprising Findings From a Comprehensive Report on Gun Violence”

A good read from Slate on the findings by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council.

Sandy Hook Promise: Take the Pledge

Now more than ever, your voice is needed.

Sandy Hook Promise is a non-profit formed by residents of Newtown, Connecticut, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Check out the group’s site at, and pledge to “do everything [you] can to encourage and support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.”

In other news, the death toll from last Friday’s mass shooting near Santa Monica College has risen to six, including the heavily armed gunman.

Glendale Gun Show Battle Over…Or Is It? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The City of Glendale is formally arguing that the attempt to remove Frank Quintero from the City Council “has more to do with his support of a recent ban on gun shows on city-owned property than a misinterpretation of a decades-old revolving-door policy,” the Glendale News-Press reported.


From the News-Press comes this item: The attorney who represented the owner of the Glendale Gun Show while the City Council debated, and ultimately voted 3-2 this past March to ban gun and ammo sales on city property is now representing a pair of residents who seek to legally challenge the seat held by Councilmember Frank Quintero.

Quintero, who was mayor during the Gun Show debate, and who voted in favor of the ban and was especially vocal on his stance against assault rifles, retired from the council in April, but shortly after was appointed to serve out the council term of Rafi Manoukian, who left following his election as City Treasurer.

The News-Press story details the reasons—not Gun Show-related, the prospective plaintiffs say—for the legal challenge. It also notes Quintero’s take.

“My position on the gun show and gun legislation is well-documented,” Quintero says in the News-Press. “I find it interesting that the same law firm that represented the gun show is filing the lawsuit.”


Polls are now open—and they’ll stay open ’til 8 p.m.

Glendale City Council Voter Guide: Where the Candidates Stood (and Stand) on Glendale Gun Show

ScreenHunter_39 Mar. 29 12.11Election Day in is Tuesday, folks. (And, actually, vote-by-mail ballots are due today!)

Here’s a rundown of all 12 candidates and their stances on the Coalition’s signature issue thus far: the passage of the ordinance barring the Glendale Gun Show from city property.


  • Sam Engel: “Yes, I support the ordinance. Yes, I will vote to defend the ordinance,” he wrote in a statement to the Coalition.
  • Edith Fuentes: Expressed support for ordinance at March 20 candidates’ forum.
  • Roland Kedikian: “I want Glendale to be associated with the Americana, Brand Boulevard, the Alex Theatre and many of the great venues available in Glendale and not the gun show,” he wrote in a statement to the Coalition. Said he would defend gun-show ordinance if challenged in court.
  • Chahe Keuroghelian: “The issue, to me…is the impression that gun shows leave as being an event organized/sponsored by the city,” he wrote in a statement to the Coalition. Said he would defend gun-show ordinance if challenged in court.
  • Mike Mohill: Expressed support for ordinance at Feb. 20 and March 20 candidates’ forums.
  • Zareh Sinanyan: “A public venue…is not the appropriate location for a gun show,” he wrote in a statement to the Coalition. Said he would defend gun-show ordinance if challenged in court.


  • Rick Barnes: Expressed opposition to ordinance at Feb. 20 and March 20 candidates’ forums.
  • Aram Kazazian: Expressed opposition to ordinance at Feb. 20 candidates’ forum—with caveats. Said gun show should not be held on Sundays at Glendale Civic Auditorium out of deference to services at the neighboring church.


  • Jefferson Black: “My initial knee-jerk reaction to the gun-show proposal was to ban it from city property for the future, allowing it the freedom to be held on any private property. However, I have yet to study every nook and cranny of this proposal,” he wrote in a statement to the Coalition. “If elected and was voting on a challenge of this ban, I would not only study it from top to bottom but listen all night if need be from both sides of the issue in a town-hall style forum.”
  • Herbert Molano: Position unclear at Feb. 20 and March 20 candidates forums. Did not respond to Coalition’s email request for a statement.

Sources: Coalition notes from Feb. 20 Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council candidates’ forum; Tropico Station report from March 20 Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association candidates’ forum; City Council votes on Jan. 22 and March 19. Additionally, the Coalition solicited statements from all 10 non-incumbent candidates. Those received are noted above.

In Praise of “Recogniz[ing] the Gun Show for the Dinosaur It Had Become”

In a letter to the editor published in Friday’s News-Press, Coalition founding member Joal Ryan thanks Mayor Frank Quintero, Councilmember Rafi Manoukian and Councilmember Laura Friedman for “resisting the out-of-touch, editorial-page call” of the Los Angeles-based newspaper, “and for standing up for their community—for our community.”

We Did It! We Won!

UPDATE: News coverage from KNBC-TV Channel 4, KTLA-TV Channel 5.


Make that, Glendale won.

The City Council, by a 3-2 vote tonight, approved an ordinance banning the sale and possession of guns and ammunition on public property.

Three takeaways from this historic night:

  • The Glendale Gun Show era at the publicly owned Glendale Civic Auditorium is officially over.
  • Glendale and its residents and their children are out of the gun business.
  • Yes, you can stand up to the National Rifle Association at its most strident. After all, we did.

The Civic-based Glendale Gun Show was the last gun show held on public property in all of Los Angeles County. Its threatened existence galvanized the NRA and Tea Party activists. But the issue also galvanized friends, neighbors and parents, including those of us who joined together under the banner of the Coalition for a Better Glendale. At City Hall tonight, Mayor Frank Quintero talked about the importance of local determination.

Quintero, a Vietnam War veteran, also spoke out passionately against the AK-47, the assault rifle that, while restricted in California, was sold as bagged parts at the March 2-3 Glendale Gun Show.

“Yes” votes in favor of the ordinance were also cast by councilmembers Rafi Manoukian, who championed the issue, and Laura Friedman.

A big night. An important night. A game-changing night.



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